Owning a Business in San Fran, An Introduction


Being a competitive business market, San Francisco has been listed as one of the 10 best cities for starting a business. Over the past years, San Francisco has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs. In 2011, there were 86,115 listed small businesses in the area with an Invested venture capital of $1,474,970,000.

Considered as the Mecca for business starters, Starting a Business in San Francisco attracts a lot of entrepreneurs for two main reasons. First, San Francisco has an unrivaled contact to venture capital (a financial capital provided to highly potential startup companies). Secondly, San Francisco is a ground for creative minds and like-minded people. San Francisco boasts a number of great start-ups for young business people who can provide them office space, mentoring, and business capital in different industries, from internet driven businesses to fashion, retail and even in the food industry–whether you’ve got a girlfriend or you’re single.

Although considered as one of the best cities for businesses, Starting a Business in San Francisco involves strategic business planning. Like any other cities in the world, there are a lot of things to consider such as the structure of city’s tax, business licenses, and permits. When Starting a Business in San Francisco, it would help for you to seek San Francisco’s Small Business Development Center’s advice–a development center funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The development center offers free mentoring from trained business consultants. There, they can help you with making plans and loans.

Creating a Business Plan in San Francisco


A business plan has no specific formula or format, but certain elements exist throughout all of them. A business plan includes a summary of your planned venture, a description, a managerial and a marketing plan, financial projections, and essential documents such as the requirements needed to support your business. When Starting a business in San Francisco, it would also help creating a business planner. To summarize things up, your business planner has to have a cover sheet, a summary where you state the purpose of your business, a table of contents, and the body of the document. The body of your business plan can be divided into three parts:

1) The Business—a brief description, marketing plan, your competition, your operation procedure, the personnel’s, and your insurance.

2) Financial Data—bad credit loan applications, materials needed for the business (equipments and supplies), balance sheet, financial analysis, profit and loss statements, a three year summary plan, Assumptions and Projections etc.

3) Supporting Documents—your tax returns for the past three years, your personal financial statements such as bank forms, if you are planning on a franchise include a copy of your franchise contract or any contracts involved in the business, copy of agreements, licenses and other legal documents, and also include copies of letter intents from your suppliers and partners.

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5 Business Tips for Running a Business in the Big SF


Get yourself into business training. Starting a Business in San Francisco is an exciting proposition, but it also can be an incredibly challenging task. As an entrepreneur, you should take advantage of different free training services often offered in email newsletters. This will help you create a more effective business plan and it will also help you secure your finances.

Choose a good Business Location

When you begin your business, one important factor that contributes to its success is your business location. Choosing the right location in Starting a Business in San Francisco involves planning and research. You should look at your demographics. Consider how you can access your supplies, the scope of your competition, your budget for that certain location, community taxes and more. The location of your business determines your needs. As a businessman, you should choose a location that can provide you proper exposure to your customers. Also think about the kind of image you want to maintain in that specific location, your potential employees, and your businesses’ potential for growth. Zoning regulations are also essential because it determines whether or not you can establish the type of business you want to build on that certain area. Take a look at this website for an example of good location particular to the industry: www.strulch.co.uk.

Financing Your Business

Finding and applying for government backed loans, venture capital, and research grants can help you ease your economic cost in Starting a Business in San Francisco.

Determine and Study the Legality of Your Business

The type business you wish to run determines the legal documents needed to start up your business. For example, businesses like restaurants require health and fire department permits while legal documents such as certifications are needed for daycare centers and other private schools with all kinds of classroom decor such as a display fridge. When Starting a Business in San Francisco, you must also decide on what form of business entity to establish. Your type of business determines your tax obligations. There are business taxes, Federal Income Taxes, and State Income Taxes. There are basically four basic types of business taxes: Income Tax, Self-Employments, Excise Tax, and Taxes for Employers.  To help you understand these types of taxes, you can visit Internal Revenue Service’s website. Apart from your business taxes, there are also different types of federal income taxes: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, and a Limited Liability Company. Nearly all states, including San Francisco, have State Income Taxes.

Register Your Business

Whether you’re a logo designer, sell t-shirts, or what have you, you need to register your business with the government. For you to register a name for your business, you will have to go the Clerk’s County Office. This will permit you to verify the availability of the name of the business you wish to establish. A document, known as “Fictitious Business Name Statement,” has to be filed 40 days upon Starting a Business in San Francisco. This document will serve as an indicator of your intent to open a business and will be the part of the process of officially registering your business.

Obtain a Tax Identification Number

Within 15 days of starting your business, you are required to register and pay for your business’ registration at the Tax Collector’s Office. The fee varies depending on the size of your business.

For other necessary permits, visit San Francisco Small Business Development Center. They will guide you with the necessary permits for your business. Upon receiving all the necessary permits and licenses, you can now start running your company.

The San Francisco Diamond Scene


A lot of women say that pink diamonds are the prettiest. Not only because most women love pink, but because pink diamonds look elegant and are higher in value compared to other diamonds. It is also the rarest diamond there is.

It is for this reason that pink diamonds are now more popular as engagement rings. The gemstone comes in different color grades. Color grades range from faint, very light to fancy dark shades. The grades also depend on the combinations of the stones used.

Because of the growing popularity of pink diamond gemstones, more celebrities have been seen wearing it. One of the more popular celebrities who favor pink diamonds is Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah wore a pink gemstone during the last airing of her show Oprah.

Another celebrity who also fancy pink diamonds is Jennifer Lopez. JLo wore a 6.1 karat pink diamond as an engagement ring. It was given to her by her now ex Ben Affleck. The pink diamond engagement ring gained even more popularity when JLo wore it during the press conference for her movie “Made in Manhattan” last 2002. Remember the interior design scene in that movie? Yeah, that one.

A more recent pink diamond engagement ring also gained popularity last 2008. Instead of giving the gift of a car or an expensive watch, Nick Canon, Mariah Carey’s husband, gave the singing icon a huge pink diamond engagement ring that stunned the entire showbiz world. It was a 17 karat pink diamond ensemble with a centerpiece. Everybody loved the pink engagement ring especially Mariah Carey.

Aside from actresses and celebrities, supermodels also fancy the pink diamond ring. Claudia Schiffer, one of the world’s most famous supermodel, was also known for wearing pink diamonds. She chose to buy her diamonds from none other than LJWest in New York City.

Even with the high value of these pink diamonds, companies are trying their best to make it more accessible not just to celebrities, but to the general community of women as well. In fact, in 2011 more jewelry companies in the US have started selling pink diamond jewelry with lesser stones. This way, the jewelry would be less expensive.

Marilyn Monroe may have popularized the idea that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but she certainly did not specify as to what diamond color is the best.  Pink diamonds are the prettiest because of their pink hue. The color pink is accepted as a color that lessen aggression as more and more women want to feel less aggressive.

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